Google Streetview on Century 21 Colonial's Website for PEI Real Estate

Google Street View available for PEI !

Google Street View officially became available for Canadian neighbourhoods this fall and was released for PEI this week- the technology that lets you fly down to the street curb level and cruise in a 360-degree manner around the yards, buildings, etc. with remarkable 'zoom'-ability to see details. If you haven't tried flying "Pegman" around a neighbourhood yet, I suggest you give it a try.

CENTURY 21 Canada recently integrated Google Street View right into its search function on We've also added new Google Maps API features to, which in turn flows down to Century 21 Colonial Realty's website

Check out this listing and then on the top "Launch Street View"


Previewing homes for sale on the Internet has never been easier - saving your precious time before you head out to walk through the properties. As with everything with technology we fully expect there will continue to be technology breakthroughs on the Internet in general, and of course at which we can utilize to assist buyers and sellers on PEI for their real estate needs.

We are committed to using all the tools available to make your home buying and selling decisions the best we can. We will continue to explore new ways to get you the information that you need !

When you are ready-contact any of our agents to discuss your real estate needs!



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