Hamptons, Martha's Vineyard......or PEI Waterfront Real Estate?

With PEI Waterfront vacation properties on the move again, the want vs. the need is still the buyers biggest question. PEI's eastern location, (only approx 14 hours drive time from NY City and approx 17 hours from Boston), has always been an attractive location to own a luxury property for those who have discovered our Island.

PEI has been dubbed a great bargain, as posted by Fortune Magazine and Money Magazine in the last few years, and as I list beautiful, executive style homes, on our scenic waterfront, it intrigues me as to why someone would not want to invest here. Where sand meets rock, where the sun always rises in the east, and each tide creates new, picturesque changes in our beautiful coast line. Where the white sandy beaches run for miles and squeek under your feet.

Who needs a vacation retreat or second home on PEI?

Lets compare apples with oranges.... Waterfront home prices in The Hamptons and/or Martha's Vineyard, can run into the millions of $$'s. SO WHAT EXACTLY CAN YOU GET ON PEI FOR A Million "Bucks"? Pretty well anything you want.....good acreage, waterfront included....beach included, and luxury home included.....not to mention privacy and peacefullness of our easy, relaxed lifestyle. 

If you've never been to PEI...as a specialist in non-resident purchasing, it should appear to be an investors dream. But......how do you sell PEI to those who've never been, or even heard of our small Province?  Tell them to visit for the lobster and try our world famous potatoes......and maybe they'll stay when they realize the beauty and how much they can actually get for their hard earned $$'s, compared to other east coast "Hotspots" in North America.

Incentive or not..... apples always taste better when you know you've found a sweet spot

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