How Will I Ever Find Real Estate Without The Newspaper ?

Recently many of the Brokers in PEI discussed issues within the PEI Real Estate industry and one main topic was the continued use of print media.

In the 1980's the brokers got together to do a co operative tabloid real estate supplement within the PEI Newspaper "The Guardian". It was very effective for many years but with the Internet changing how people shop for many items including real estate it became something to do just  because everybody else did it.

After much discussion and meeting with The Guardian it was decided to see how it would work on a biweekly format. Since it may have been a slow news week due to March Break or it was deemed to be a big story the local CBC Newscast Compass thought it to be newsworthy and actually made it the top story on March 20.

Century 21 Colonial Realty has not abandoned all print media in fact we still advertised our new listings and open houses in the classifieds and will be putting a 2 page spread in the upcoming guide but we are reviewing on what is effective and what isn't. I have also discussed in past blogs about our TV Marketing campaign.

Online marketing is different than print and other media as you either do it quickly your self or hire somebody to do it...with online it takes time to do things like blog, update statuses on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. You can hire people to manage SEO and also Pay Per Click marketing as well but it all takes time to review and participate in.

We will be launching some great initiatives in the coming weeks to assist our salespeople in achieving the real estate goals of their customers - both buyers and sellers that will involve all types of marketing.

As REALTORS we do more than just advertise in the paper and we realize that change can be hard to accept at first but after a while it makes sense.

Remember every Real Estate Company has a website but do they have a Web Strategy ?

We are confident in our full strategy involving print, tv, online and above all our sales agents in their personal commitment to their clients.

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