If I Am Looking At Real Estate On The Web..Isn't The Purchaser Of My House Too ?


There has been a huge increase in web traffic in the past 2 years of people searching for all things but especially real estate. With that most Realtors ® have gone out and got a website that they put information about themselves and put their listings on it.

Some of the issues with it is keeping properties current with pictures, correct information like price, amenities and especially status on whether it is still on the market, sale pending or sold. They may think or even have the best looking site but if no one can find it than it doesn't really matter.

Most PEI Real Estate companies including ours still uses print media but we know that the high majority of buyers are using the internet to research their next home. This was discussed in a previous blog and was covered by the local CBC Channel. Newspapers have deadlines that is not conducive to people who want information faster so a new listing in a newspaper can be anywheres from 3 days old to 8 days old based upon deadlines for various publications.

Print media was one way to show vendors that we as Realtors® were doing something. But if vendors (who are also purchasers) looking for their home on the internet; shouldn't the purchasers of their home?  Too often it is a bit of a pride thing- "Look there's my house in the paper" kind of like your child having their picture in the paper..you want everyone to see it and point it out to you that they saw it....but after a couple of days not many people say anything anymore.

If you had your own website for your home with its own domain..now hey aren't you now hip and cool "Hey, check out my home page www.38HathewayDr.com"

It really is a HOME PAGE and it will be someone else's home.

This is a strategy that Century 21 Canada is encouraging and one that we here at Century 21 Colonial Realty is embracing.  Sure there are some things that we need print for such as open house lists but with sites built that people can find all of our open houses at www.openhouses21.com and also www.openhousespei.com that both link to the listing with all the information and driving directions if you want them. Other strategies that we use were discussed in an earlier blog this week about one of most viewed properties on line.

All in full colour with more than 1 picture and more information than a small ad could ever hope to give you.

Although I am preaching to the converted as if you are reading this blog you are doing your real estate research on the internet, but data shows that you are in the majority.

If you are thinking about putting your house up for sale, there are many issues to discuss with agents such as correct pricing, their history, their knowledge but you may want to  ask your prospective agent questions such as :

  • What is yours and/or your office's internet strategy ?
  • How many visitors looked at my property ?
  • How are they finding it ?

Remember...the purchaser of your home will buy because they love your home and see it in their future as you have seen it in your past so odds are you will have a lot in common. Tell your agent what is the best feature that you will miss so they can discuss it in their marketing. 

For more information on what we can do to help you achieve your real estate goals, contact any of our agents.


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