Is a Career in Real Estate for YOU?

"I could do that!”… this is what many people who watch real estate shows think. And the good news is that there are a lot of people who would be great at selling real estate, but the reality is that a real estate career is much more than what is shown on television.  For starters, real estate transactions take time, patience, industry knowledge and a lot of effort. Much more than is shown on a 30 minute tv show and almost always involves looking at more than just 3 homes.

To be a successful realtor, you have to be willing to learn new skills, like how to analyze market research, contract law, mortgage rate information, home inspection terminology, how to effectively negotiate, marketing, and of course, time management.

Real Estate can definitely be a rewarding career as you are somewhat in business for yourself while receiving support from a brokerage.  Maybe it’s time for you to think about a career in Real Estate!

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