K-Rock Locked in For the Food Bank Food Drive

If you are able to drop off food to the Food Drive at K-Rock today, then today is a great day! We often forget just how fortunate we are but days like today make you stop and count your blessings. Joel Ives and I went to Sobey's today and bought food and toiletry items for the K-Rock, Locked in For the Food Bank food drive.  As we poured over the baby products, buying formula, soap, shampoo and other essentials, I thought about the choices that some people have to make. Food or bills, food or shelter. To be on the giving side of this food drive is a blessing. I strongly encourage you to go down and donate what you can. Hey, bring the kids down too. I once heard that getting children involved in charity was like taking out an insurance policy on their happiness. Good advice.

When we got down to KRock the first thing we saw was hundreds of boxes of cereal that was generously donated by the Atlantic Superstore. Inside there were bags upon bags of food that had been dropped off with more continuously coming in. The K-Rock crew asked Joel to come in to the studio and say a few words which he (quickly) accepted. If he wasn't so dedicated to the real estate business, I am quite sure he would like a job there!

Here's a look at our morning at Sobey's and our visit to K-Rock. Great job K-Rock, Fill 'er up!


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