Living in Brighton, PEI

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Here is Kelly Lantz's take on the neighbourhood of Brighton PEI

The small neighborhood of Brighton is located close to downtown Charlottetown.  The boundry goes from Victoria Park around Queen Elizabeth Drive, up to Nassau and then down Spring Park Road.  See a map here.

In 2009, 29 houses sold in Brighton, with an average selling price of $263,541.  I have been following the resale values of the neighborhoods in and around Charlottetown and Stratford and Brighton has had excellent resale and I believe will continue to do so given it's proximity to the downtown and waterfront.

When we were house hunting for our second home, my husband Rob said his only criteria was that it be within walking distance of the Brighton Clover Farm (also known as Norman's).  So we waited and looked for a long time until our house came on the market, two blocks from Norman's.  Rob grew up in Brighton and now he and his two brothers all live within walking distance of both Norman's and their Mom's house.  So they either love Norman's or their Mom's or both.

I have lived in Stratford, Sherwood, downtown, and now Brighton.  I really do enjoy our location here, as our sons can walk to school from Kindergarten (new at West Kent in 2010) through Grade 12.  There is a Junior High for grades 7 - 9, and a High School for grades 10 - 12.  The neighborhood has great sidewalks and low speed limits so it's very common to see lots of kids on their bikes and walking to and from school.

At the moment, Brighton is getting a lot of press due to the crow situation.  They have never bothered me personally though they don't roost right over my house.  Here is a video of them in our backyard:

Another thing I love is that we can walk to Victoria Park or downtown.  When Rob's office was downtown, he could walk to and from work, and even come home for lunch.  In the summer, we spend a lot of time exploring Victoria Park including the paths to Dead Man's Pond and the bicycle lanes.  The boys play tennis down there, and we are always walking distance to any of the fun events that take place down there.




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