Our Website- Many users all with different expectations

We have been using our new Century 21 website that is developed through Century 21 Canada and it works downward to each office and then each agent also have their own individual sites. By doing this when one of our listings is entered onto our office site- it is also on www.century21.ca and that individual agents site. It basically goes onto 7000 sites automatically.

As the manager - I receive a lot of feedback- some good and some bad and I appreciate all that is given. One thing I have realized is that there are so many users with varying degrees of internet experience that it is difficult to satisfy everyone all the time (true today as it has been and will continue to be) We do hope that by using the mapping tool to zoom in on the desired area of where you want to be is the best way. Our site is always being updated and with the power of Century21.ca and the other Century 21 offices in Canada we hope that we can share our information and experiences to make it better for all.

We are always working on having 21 photos of each property to give the consumer as much info as we can so that they can make a decision to set up an appointment to see the property. We also hope that by doing this - we are making sure that when people see the properties that we have listed is that the people are interested thus not causing unneccesary showings for our vendors.

Our industry like so many have had to adapt to the technology age- instead of advertising in the newspaper or just putting a sign on the lawn- we have to look at Google Adwords, blogging, individual websites, linking sites etc. It is a very exciting time but we still have to realize that we still have to do the basics of customer service  but do them extremely well. That has always been our mandate in our 32 years as a company in times of rotary phones, no mobile phones, pagers, rolled up fax paper and when $5 of gas got you somewhere 

I welcome your comments on our site and we hope that your real estate web experience with our website is a good one.

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