PEI Getting 5 Roundabouts ! You Spin Me Round Round, Like A Record !

For years many people have complained that PEI has had more traffic lights than needed. It seemed that the answer to any traffic issue was to put up more traffic lights....well not now, we are literally going to be going in circles.

There will be a total of five roundabouts constructed this summer and it is now time for us Islanders to learn how to drive on them without causing accidents and our insurance premiums to go up !

To start the process the PEI Department of Transportation has developed a website to educate on how to properly drive into and out of a roundabout. They are also going to make a "mock" roundabout on Saturday June 19 outside the Charlottetown mall.

Sure it is a bit of a change for Islanders but they have been in other areas for many years and hopefully it will alleviate some of our traffic congestion that occurs from time to time. Which in the big picture is very short compared to some other larger centers. Good Luck with your driving and always obey the rules !

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