PEI Real Estate Report - Home Inspections

Home inspections are a very important part of the home buying process. Although it's not's mandatory on PEI when purchasing a home, it's something that should be done if you want to get a "report card" on the home you are looking to buy.

For both parties in the sale, a home inspection is important as it can identify potential issues in the home. A home inspector will check to see the current condition of the structure and components of the home. They will check the plumbing, electrical, foundation and heating systems to check if they are working properly and if not, make recommendations on how to remedy them.

As a buyer, you can put a condition in your agreement that states you can request to have any issues that come up in the inspection fixed or request a reduction in price. As a seller, you can identify any potential issues in the sale of your home, letting you address any issues that may affect your listing.

The bottom line, it's a good idea to get a home inspection. It will give you some peace of mind in your decision and it's better than getting your Uncle Joe to look at the house for a pint of rum.

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