PEI Real Estate Report - How's the Market?

How's the market?

Whether you are at an open house, coffee shop or at any social function, this is the number 1 question that real estate agents hear. The PEI real estate market has been for the most part stable and consistent, but real estate activity will vary from community to community. To know what is happening in your community you need to be specific in your inquiry. Our REALTORS are on top of what is happening in our Island communities. They understand trends, pricing and can shed light on "your market" to help you make educated decisions if you are considering buying or selling. Another great resource is our website community pages which give a snapshot of Island communities and discusses market trends in these areas.

You may be watching property listings and wondering why some listings are for sale for long periods of time and why some houses sell quickly. Something to consider, even if the market is very active, if a property is not  competitively priced or not 'showing' to its maximum potential it may sit on the market. Conversely if a market is considered slow, a property can sell quickly if it's marketed properly, showing well and competitively priced. Our REALTORS are experts and can help you with all of these considerations. Our REALTORS have the industry knowledge as well as the best marketing tools available to help you sell your property or to guide you through your purchase.

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