PEI Real Estate Stats- Compare Companies !

Although many will tell you various are some of ours. From our website here is what has occurred since October 4 to yesterday.

From October 04, 2009 through November 03, 2009, 7,883 people visited your website an average of 1.27 times for a total of 9,991 visits. Your website generated 26,235 page views with an average visitor viewing 3.33 pages per visit. Of the 7,883 total visitors, 4,872 were new visitors and 1,545 were returning visitors.

Visitors to your website previewed 41,882 properties, viewed 75,523 property details, and launched 13,900 Showcase 21 tours.

Ok what does this mean...well we are getting lots of hits on our site from people looking at our properties...the 7883 people is actual computers...not me clicking on our site thousands of times...that is unique visitors. We have the ability to give you the stats on your own property on how many people view it and when they view it...ask your agent if they can do the same.

So how does that relate to sales...below is a link to information from the PEI Real Estate Association and shows what all the companies are doing.

MLS Sales By Company January to October 31

Sure our competitors will use excuses based upon numbers etc but at the end of the day...Century 21 Colonial Realty sells more property on PEI than any other company.

If you are thinking about selling your property contact us...go where the buyers and sellers are.

If you require assistance and wish to find an agent based upon your needs...feel free to contact me for a no pressure discussion and we can both discuss the agent who will work best for you.

Joel Ives





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