PEI Real Estate Web Traffic !

With many reports that over 90% of people start their real estate on the internet, we thought we should show some of the traffic that our site has generated.

Our internet platform has the ability to not only see how many people (visitors) look at pages on our site but also if you have your property listed with us, we can show you the web traffic it receives and also how it go there.

Here is the quick breakdown:

From January 1 2010 to November 22 2010 -

Our combined sites (office, agents and properties) have had a total of

108,868 Visitors View 483,297 Pages !

From Monday November 15 2010 to November 22 2010

We have had a total of 2891 visitors view 10,011 pages !

These are high numbers and this along with the other marketing we do with Print, Radio, Google Adwords, SEO, Social Media, TV and community events we are committed to promoting your property.  What are other agents doing for you !

If you would like more info, contact any of our agents.

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