Plan Your PEI Open House Drive !

Many people like to compare any type of product with others before getting serious..PEI Real Estate is no different. Open houses are a great opportunity to get your feet wet to look at current properties that are for sale.

Many real estate sites (even ours) carry photos but nothing gives you a better feel than to go through the property.

It is also a great time to meet potential Realtors that you may consider using for your purchase and/or your sale and see how they promote their product.

At Century 21 Colonial Realty we are using our website and our domain to point the consumer to our upcoming open houses. You can see what properties are available for viewing, get directions and see all the info about the property so you can decide if you wish to go check it out.

We feel that this is a great tool for buyers and also sellers.

To get a quick feel on how it works..check out this video.

If you want the best in internet marketing for your home, contact any of our team to find out more.

Remember Century 21 Colonial Realty is the only real estate office that can offer you Air Miles Reward Miles when you buy or sell.

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