Realtors...Are We Really That Pushy ???

I recently received the below link from Kelly Lantz on her facebook status for a video of a skit in a British Comedy show about a pushy Realtor. Being in the real estate business for many years I found it quite funny but I then realized that to some people who have had bad experiences with a Realtor that this is how we are perceived. This may also be what they are telling their families and friends.

This is something that we can't ignore as the old saying goes "where there's smoke..there is fire"

There are always reports of surveys that Realtors are near the bottom of trustworthy people...nothing I say can change that but it is our actions that will determine what people think. Our company has been in business on PEI since 1976 and have assisted thousands of people in their real estate needs. We let that stand for itself and we ask you to judge us based upon your own experiences.

It is our goal that we assist our clients to make the decisions that are best for we know what this is?..No, but we would like to take the approach to give people the correct data to make the best educated decision based on what you the consumer wants. Sometimes that may be perceived as a sales pitch and may be met with resistance and their may be friction between sales person and client but our job is to sell which is to sometimes encourage people to make decisions.

So in our case we want to always "axe you" so we can do the right job for you and we will listen to your concerns.

If at anytime you feel that your concerns are not being met by one of our sales agents then I encourage you to contact me and let me know. We have a great team that prides themselves on being in this industry for a long career and not just for a sale.



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