Realtors and Lawyers...Cats and Dogs...Sweet and Sour....Can't We All Just Get Along ???

There has been a time honored tradition of REALTORS(R) and Lawyers not agreeing on many things when it comes to property transactions. Lawyers sometimes feel that they are always cleaning up a mess that the REALTOR(R) started with their paperwork and that the REALTOR gets paid too much.
The REALTOR thinks the Lawyers dont do any work but have their assistant do all the work and they swoop in on closing day like a monday morning quarterback.
Both people are highly important when it comes to a property transaction and they need to work together with others (mortgage lenders, appraisers, home inspectors, surveyors etc) to make the process as stress free as it can be. Since I am a REALTOR (R) I am going to pick the REALTOR (R) as the quarterback and the Lawyer as the receiver...both very important to win football games but both need each other as well as the other members of the team...if one isnt very doesnt matter how good the other is...the game could be lost.
It is very important for someone to take control of the ball and see what will occur down the field to reach the goal line. Both work together to make it happen and obtain the goal.
I was recently contacted by a lawyer - Karolyn Godfrey from the firm Campbell Lea in that she was concentrating on her real estate practice and asked me to lunch to discuss what she could offer our firm and REALTORS (R) to achieve her goals. Both her and I acknowledged our sterotypical views that each industry had on the other (mind has never caused ill feelings...kind of like an in-law...deep down you know they are ok)
We discussed our common goals of making sure our clients are dealt with professionally, courteously and with the service that they deserve for their fees.
I invited her to speak at one of our office meetings and she spoke to our company in the same manner and gave some great information that is available on their site. Many agents in our office were quite impressed with her and what she was maybe there is hope after all.
Now to get to work on the whole middle east thing.......
For all your PEI Real Estate any of our professional agents and if you are looking for a PEI Real Estate Lawyer..there are many good ones out there and we work with all of them. I do suggest checking out the info on Karolyn's office site and her profile.

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