Regis & Kelly Fever Hits Charlottetown

We are in the grip of Regis & Kelly mania here in Charlottetown. The excitement is palpable! On the heels of Cirque de Soleil at Charlottetown Summerfest and the Cavendish Beach Music Festival featuring Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban, Regis & Kelly are bringing it home! Celebrities are casually walking through town, eating at restaurants we 'locals' frequent, politely entertaining well-wishers and seeming to genuinely be enjoying the Island. If the courtesy conundrum of the roundabouts had people in a tither, celebrity run in's will surely have Islanders wondering what to do!


The media attention Prince Edward Island is receiving is immeasurable. Moments ago on twitter, Prince Edward Island was said to be the #2 search term on Google! You can't buy that exposure people....or can you? For a million dollars apparently, and judging by the media attention Prince Edward Island is getting, a million dollars well spent. I have to believe that a few naysayers might be converts after this is a wrap. I can't remember anything in the past that would compare to the nation-wide exposure that Regis & Kelly and the recent Festivals have generated for PEI and our local businesses. One can't help but speculate that this might have a positive impact not only on tourism, but our real estate market as well. As the economy slowly rebounds, people might see Prince Edward Island as the perfect spot to buy that summer home they have been holding off on or even make Prince Edward Island their permanent residence.

Century 21 Colonial Realty's very own Kelly Lantz had a few moments in the spotlight today being interviewed on CBC News Now by Suzanna Meharchand. She was dishing on this morning's Live Regis & Kelly show in Charlottetown. She did a fantastic job and echoed the sentiments of many when she said, "It was awesome!". The camera may not have panned down to Kelly's footwear but we can be sure she had a pair of four inch heels on paying homage to her fashion inspiration, Kelly Ripa.


Check out her interview on CBC:

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