Some Gardening Inspiration!! Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania.

I just heard about Longwood Gardens, and would love to tour this  1,100 acres of conservatorys, water gardens, mazes and sculpted grounds.  These conservatories and gardens, woodlands and meadows enhance the natural beauty of the landscape that is Longwood, the first love of the American Chemical industrialist Pierre S. du Pont and are sustained by his endowment.  Longwood includes multiple indoor and out door gardens and the displays and arrangements change with the seasons. 

I'm not a very good gardener but I am enthusiastic; deep down who doesn't like to get dirty?  Spring is the start of garden season and I'm already feeling the itch to dig in the soil and throw off the winter's reluctance. You can pick at on a warm summer afternoon and in the waning days of summer and fall,  reap as much bounty as you care to take.

I just wish I could do it like this.

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