Spring Market...Stanley Cup Playoffs..the same ?


As we get to the Stanley Cup final we as Canadians are excited but also wondering what we are going to do when it is over as we are not known to get overly excited about watching other sports on TV and many start counting down the days to the start of the next season.

The PEI real estate market in the Spring is a lot like the playoffs...you can start searching at properties and there seems to be lots to look at and many choices and there is no sense of urgency to buy as something better might be coming up. In the first round of the playoffs there is hockey on tv everynight and more than 1 game...so you keep looking then a few houses are sold or eliminated but there are still some others out there so it is okay.

Then more are eliminated and you are now waiting in anticipation of what is out there and you start looking at properties that you normally didn't think you would. (kinda like watching Western Team playoffs...as we in the East Coast don't stay up late for those games during the regular season and we don't see much other than Leafs, Habs or Sens) Then when it gets down to the finals..you watch intensly..make sure you don't miss a game..talk about it with everyone at work, your family and friends.

When you get real serious about your next real estate purchase you make sure you are on top of the information, you look for advice and you realize that to get to that top prize you have to get ready to make quick decisions that will result in your goal being obtained. Although it is exciting to be watching overtime knowing that it can be skill or luck that wins the game...you dont want this to occur in your negotiating if you are battling with another "team" for your home.

Enjoy the finals and even though my Montreal Canadiens were eliminated when Spring was a distant dream..I am still watching.

If you need a centerman or winger to help you score your real estate goal, contact any of our agents and they will give you a Conn Smythe effort and you can obtain the grand prize.

 Brad Richards from Murrary Harbour PEI. 2004 Stanley Cup Winner and Conn Smythe Winner

If you need to achieve your goal with a salary cap....then talk to any of our mortgage brokers at CENTUM Advantage Financial Group.


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