The Consumer is In Control ! United Breaks Guitars ! Treat Consumers With Respect !

Yesterday I checked my facebook page and came across someone who posted a video by Sons of Maxwell. They are a band from Nova Scotia and I have seen them play many times. They are very entertaining and talented. We actually had them play at the Century 21 Canada Conference in Halifax a few years back.

I clicked on the Youtube video and watched the song "United Breaks Guitars" I was viewer # 456 on July 8. The background is that the band was travelling on United Airlines and when they landed his guitar was broken and after 9 months of back and forth they basically told him "Too bad". He decided to write a song which he then shot a video of it. I thought to myself..."I wonder what will happen about this ?"

WOW !!!! Today while driving into work one of the announcers on Ocean 100 in Charlottetown mentioned that it was the most viewed video on Youtube in the past 24 hours. I went to check on it and it had over 466,500 views ! Dave Carroll has been contacted by many news channels and the publicity around this has been overwhelming. If you want to check go to Google and put in United Breaks Guitars. But here is the big kicker for United Airlines...Google - United Airlines- sure you get their corporate site but third down on the list is the youtube video....what does this say about your business that you work so hard with SEO, pay per click, press releases, good works etc but with one event...look what it can do. The consumer is still in control !

I signed into my Twitter account (okay I am a bit of a geek but everyone knows that) and there are various people in my group that are talking about it...try this and put in United Breaks Guitars

This is a lesson for all of us in any type of business that it doesn't matter how big you are..a small rock can make a big ripple in a pond.

It is impossible to make sure everyone is happy in your business but you can at least strive for it and explain your case. The customer may not always be right but the customer is still the customer. No one has a 100% approval rating but if you want to stay in business you have to listen to your customers.

It will be interesting to see how United handles this. Something tells me that Dave will be getting a new if they handle this correctly...they should ask Dave to write a song on how they fixed the problem...they may need to get some spin doctors and social media experts to work on this one.

Thanks for the lesson Dave so we can all think about how we handle our customers concerns.

If you have any concerns or comments about the service you receive from any of our agents (positive or negative) please contact me to discuss.

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