The Fall and Winter ARE Great Times to Buy and Sell!

“People only buy in the spring and summer !”  We hear this a lot and, quite simply, it isn’t true... Lots of events transpire in the fall and winter months that can create a healthy market for people who are looking to buy homes. Families get bigger or smaller at all times of the year...people get promoted or transferred both in and out of the province… and as we say “life happens”.

There are advantages to listing your home now vs. the spring. There is less competition in terms of what other homes are currently on the market. Interest rates right now are very low. People house hunting in the fall and winter months tend to be motivated and serious buyers. Winter gives the buyer the opportunity to see how energy efficient a home is and get a sense of its overall warmth. Things are always changing and these life-changes don’t stop just because the weather changes. All year round, there are people who are eager to sell, and to buy homes. So if you were thinking about getting in the market in the spring, you may want to rethink it. Your house or your buyer could be out there now.


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