We're Number 1 ! No You Are ! In Fact All Of Us Are !

Recently a colleague of mine sent me an email with a blog post...

Hey Joel;

Thought I’d pass this along – not sure if you follow Seth Godin or not… he’s a big Marketing guru out of the US… lots of good books.

Anyway this was always a pet peeve of mine while I was in the business… people using the stats to be #1 in a particular community, etc… to me only one number mattered – being #1 in PEI – and seeing how you guys are there (pretty sure you are still #1 right! ;) ) thought you might Like this for your blog.

The danger of vague claims

via Seth's Blog by Seth Godin on 8/9/09

The sign the broker posted in front of the house listed her name and then said, "#1 in Westchester, Top 10 Nationwide."

What does that mean, exactly? That this real estate broker is the most successful broker in the whole county and one of the top ten in the country? I don't think so. Not if she's selling this house. She'd have to sell a thousand houses like this to catch up with someone in a fancier neighborhood who only sells ten.

I think it means that the firm she works for is really big. So what? Is that a qualification for anything? Is the 11th biggest real estate firm way less good than the ninth?

Here's the danger: when the very first interaction we have is one where you are sort of not telling the relevant truth, where do we go from here?

I agree with this...the real estate business is interesting; we shout our achievements to anyone who will listen...(most of the time we are just shouting it) It is great to be proud of your accomplishments but we all know as consumers (yes Real Estate Agents are consumers too) we always ask "What's in it for me?" or "Why should I care ?" I am guilty as charged as making ads up saying We're Number 1 but have toned it down in the recent past because we believe as a company that our results speak volumes and we are working hard to continually improve all that we do to make the experience of selling or buying property as stress free as we can. (but lets face it...stress free in this instance is like a unicorn...we keep chasing it but realize we cant have it) Century 21 Colonial Realty has been the Number 1 Office in PEI for units and dollars of real estate sold for 21 of the past 22 years in the MLS system.

It is always recommended that you ask your potential agent what their experience has been but sometimes the number 1 sales person may not be the number 1 choice for your type of property. Ask all kinds of questions about how that person and their office can help you. Volvos may be the safest cars out there...but if it doesn't fit the look you want...you probably wont buy it.

Being Number 1 is great but understanding how you got there and improving upon that to keep your customers happy is more important.

If you would like to discuss your real estate needs contact any of our sales professionals and if you are thinking you would like to become Number 1 in the real estate business contact me and we can work together to make it happen.




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