We were curious, why do you live where you do? Jennifer Evans answers

We asked some people who you may know, living in a variety of different communities, why they love where they live. This is what Jennifer Evans had to say about her community:

Jennifer Evans - General Manager of Newcap Radio (Ocean 100 and K-Rock 105.5)

Colonial Realty : What neighbourhood do you live in?

Jennifer Evans: Sherwood.

CR: How long have you been living there?

JE: 9 years.

CR: What made you choose this neighbourhood?

JE: Close proximity to our workplaces and now to schools and everything else that involves kids!

CR: Describe your neighbourhood as you would to a friend.

JE: Sherwood is a great middle class neighbourhood, perfectly located in the centre of everything!  It’s five minutes to do anything or be anywhere from schools to work to shopping.  It’s the perfect location.

CR: What areas did you consider (if any) before you made your choice? 

JE: We considered Cornwall because of family connections.

CR: What are your favourite things about the neighbourhood? 

JE: How close it is to everything!

CR: Anything to consider before moving?

JE: It’s tough to find newer homes in Sherwood, this is a mature neighbourhood with very little turn over. 

CR: Is there something in particular that you are glad you can walk to in your neighbourhood?

JE: Very happy to have an elementary school which houses grades one to grade six in the same building and a hockey rink right next door.

What neighbourhood do you live in? What makes it special? Let us know at colonialrealty@century21.ca!

If you want to more about Sherwood, click here for more information.



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