Kensington Real Estate Listings and Information


Kensington has become identified as "The Small Town with a Lot to Offer". Kensington has preserved the "small town atmosphere" while still providing the normal amenities one would expect. Being near Summerside you are just a short drive from hospital and larger shopping areas! Kensington is welcoming to new business and appropriate development. The town has 2 schools as well as a main post office. There is an ice rink and fitness centre and plans to re-develop these. There are gas stations, restaurants, a grocery store and more. Kensington is the main `jumping off point`and commercial hub for the North Shore area including Cavendish.

Real Estate prices start at $10,000 for a small city lot, $40,000+ for a mini home in a park setting to single family homes on a lot from $60,000. Nice city homes can be purchased from $140,000 and up - but there are many wonderful waterfront homes outside Kensington that are much more expensive.

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