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Century 21 Colonial's Old Homes Week

129 Britain Shore Road, Brackley 

AKA: Gambrel House 


Old Home Week marks a special time when friends and family reunite on the island to recount old memories and make new ones. Just like the memories families make together, so do the homes they once lived in. This week we will be showcasing five historical homes as part of our Old Homes Week, highlighting interesting points of these prominent homes in Prince Edward Island. 

Today we feature Gambrel House known as 129 Britain Shore Road in Brackley. Have you ever noticed houses in Prince Edward Island that look like they were styled after barns? One might think it was directly tied to agriculture, but the barn-like houses happen to have a vast history. A gambrel is simply a roof with two sides with a shallow slope followed by a steeper one. Their presence in PEI date backs to the Loyalists, who brought distinctly British designs to North America from Britain. 129 Britain Shore Road is one of the earlier examples of this type of style, dating back to around the time of confederation.


A gambrel is a characterized roof structure, commonly used in barns, but also in homes. The gambrel is a roof has a shallow slope followed by a narrow one. 


129 Britain Shore Road is currently for sale with Century 21 Colonial and can be viewed here.


Prince Edward Island adopted certain styles of the 18th century, including the one photographed above, and developed them to regional conditions. The gambrel became more popular in the second half of the 19th century, influenced mainly by sea captains from New England who visited Island ports. 

One of the first examples of the gambrel in North America was the first Harvard Hall at Harvard University in 1677, which burned in 1766. 


A famous local example is the UPEI barn, which was the former student union building from 1972 to 2002. An article about the recent UPEI Barn reunion can be found here.


To view a complete listing of 129 Britain Shore Road, please click here. 

If you have questions about 129 Britain Shore Road, please send us a message to colonialrealty@century21.ca.

Stay tuned for more historic homes to be featured as a part of C21Colonial's Old Homes Week!

*B&W Image and historical information sourced from "The Historical Houses of Prince Edward Island" by H.M. Scott Smith.



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