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History was made October 9 as NASA launched a $79 million dollar mission to crash a rocket into the moon to determine if there was water present. Mission accomplished as far as the crash goes, as NASA officials call it a "successful impact". Water, yet to be determined. Many of us watched as the rocket 'cam' inched us all closer and closer to the moment of impact. In those few moments came for me that feeling of awe, as I realized that something big was happening before my eyes. A familiar feeling of past momentous events. a feeling of connectedness, as I realized that millions and millions were doing what I was doing at that moment. Staring still at that black and white image of the moon getting closer and closer in stop motion. Then nothing, and then a lot of dust. A LOT of dust. 

My mind couldn't help but wander to what the implications of this event would be. What if water is found?

Will the moon someday be habitable?

Will our grandchildren someday live on the moon?

Will the moon be considered real estate? Is it already? If so I would like to volunteer for the first open house on the moon !

Now to get a Century 21 Gold Space Suit and inquire on getting a Century 21 Franchise for the Moon Region ! 

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Here is a video from that details the event.


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