Winter Life Hacks - For Your Vehicle

Follow this simple C21 Winter Life Hack to help you with your car this winter! In the dead of winter leaving home can become a chore because of all the scraping, de-icing and shoveling involved. Here are five quick tips to make leaving your home a little easier: 1. Park your car facing east to maximize the power of the sun 2. Put plastic bags over your side rearview mirrors to prevent ice on them. Two less things to scrape. 3. Before big storms put socks on your windshield wipers so ice doesn’t build up on them. Stand your wipers up as well. 4. Make your own windshield washer fluid with 1 liter alcohol, ½ cup water and ½ teaspoon dish detergent. 5. Have an emergency dig out kit in your car. Include matches, candles & blankets a long with shovels, traction (kitty litter works great), and an extra ice scraper.

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