Winter Life Hacks - Scent Solutions

Get your house smelling fresh this new year with this C21 Winter Life Hack! This tip does double duty. One, it adds much needed moisture to your home which helps with dry skin in winter. Two, it makes your home smell delicious! 1. Boil a large pot of water on the stove to act as a humidifier. Use a timer as a reminder to not let the water completely evaporate. The steam created will add moisture to the air which will help your skin, hair, and plants in your home. If this technique seems like too much responsibility, you can put bowls of water on heating vents and vases of fresh flowers in water by sunny windows. 2. For the stove top option add your favourite holiday spice mix to give the steam a wonderful scent. This is a much healthier and natural alternative to deodorizing sprays and candles. Our favourite mix for this time of year is: Cinnamon sticks Apple peels Orange rinds Whole cloves

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