The fact that this year has been our 40 Years of Century 21, there are things in the head that keep going round and round. There are old ads that couldn't be run again now like the one with the little Aboriginal boy looking up at his Father in the Teepee and the Dad swings the flap of the Teepee open to show the big Century 21 post at the front and that warm comfort that the little boy is giving knowing his Dad trusts the service of Century 21. Such a warm, fun ad but not politically correct now. I have been here for 35 of those years. My kids were toddlers and now my daughter and friend will be joining us at Century 21. My first or second Conference was in Quebec City. I believe 2017 will be the third one in Quebec City, so that beautiful experience doesn't surface again for maybe 10 years or so. It's such a fascinating historic part of Canada. Celine Dion had performed for our group, hired by Century 21 when she was only 17. We all knew she had an amazing career ahead of her. I remember many of you from back then. We sat on an outside slope and were entertained by our great leaders and our own fellow 'Century 21ers'. It was so warm and exciting and we had our lifetime of real estate and friendships ahead of us. I'm so happy that we still have those friendships and so many new friendships every year. You all have made an impression in my life and I so look forward to seeing most of you again in Quebec. But until then enjoy all the many opportunities that come to us, keep warm, keep smiling and have a Very Merry Christmas



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