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What is new in the Hamilton house market? Not too much. The inventory has been shrinking for months and the prices have gone higher. Only in October prices cooled down a bit. Could this be a trend? Maybe over the winter time, for some months. Nobody can predict it.

Prices will continue to be driven by the market, by the offer and demand, by the interest rates of the lenders, by the affordability.

I am often asked when it is the good moment to buy a house. Though the seller or buyer market both have a certain importance as well as the interest rates, yet my answer is : when you are ready.

That means when you and your family need it, when you can gather a reasonable down payment, when the bank offers you a good mortgage.

No need to find all the answers on your own. There are professionals for that. These are mortgage brokers, lawyers, real estate salespeople, renovators and contractors for anything we may need. They can give you the peace of mind and the security of the investment and of the transaction.

One more thing: it is always good to be careful with our credit score; banks are very particular about it.

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