Ontario's new tax hike - you should be very concerned !!!!

As a concerned taxpayer I feel it is important to have you all understand what the new HST or "blended tax" means to Ontarians. It amazes me that this announcement has slipped by without a ripple, and yet when I tell people about the impact to them they are all shocked.

The intended purpose is to blend the GST and the PST into one tax. This will cut down the paperwork burden for Ontario businesses and, in theory, lessen staff by merging both departments. This could be a noble attempt to cut costs. There is just one problem. Rather than just blending the products and services that now charge both taxes, the provincial government has decided that it will apply this new tax to almost all goods and services that you do not pay PST on now!

You are about to become the victim of the largest tax hike in our history. How will this affect you? Let's start with just a few things that are to be charged the extra 8% and see if it will affect you or your family:

Home heating fuel
Used cars
Government and city services
Any service you now use for your home or business such as repairs, professional services of any kind, construction materials etc.

These are just a few.

See this article about how the $1000 BRIBE they are offering will not even cover ½ of the increased cost to the average family. This tax hits Ontarians hard at a time when anyone can least afford it, but ESPECIALLY the low income ones! They will have an 8% increase in everyday life, and yet you will not see their benefits or
Salaries rise.


Actually almost everything currently without PST in your life except children's clothing, prescriptions, diapers, and feminine hygiene products will now cost you 8% more. Oh and here's the kicker - the fuel
Tax will slide with the increasing cost of that fuel.

Our premier is counting on taxpayers to do what they always do when a new tax is added - Nothing!  It is very important that you start to research and discuss this with your friends and family. It is not too late to stop this if you are willing to do something and send an email to the premier, or your local MPP, asking him/her either to: a) stop the tax grab all together or, B) do what was originally intended and blend the tax on the products that now have both taxes and not to extend the new tax to everything else.

If you just sit there remember you lose the right to complain about taxes ever again. Get UP and start telling everyone about this injustice and we can stop this today. Don't think your email will not count - most MP's get 10 emails and they consider it a catastrophe!

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