The Less Helpful Your Sales Scripts The More Sales You Will Generate

Being helpful is great. When a prospect calls or emails your business it feels good to give them the answers they are seeking. Whether they are common questions or they want in-depth help, it's nice to be able to help someone get the answers they are looking for.

The challenge with being helpful is it rarely works in your favor. Your prospects will feel good as your sales scripts educate them, but it's likely you will get a response like "thanks, I appreciate that" or "that's good to know". After that quick response you are left to hearing the dial-tone. They appreciate your help, your insight, and your expertise it's just they won't be investing in your product or service today.

Some sales professionals justify this as "it's a numbers game". The reality is that when your sales scripts are too helpful you won't be selling. Being nice and educating prospects can be part of your scripts, but if they are too helpful you will be looking for another job. Most sales scripts fail because they give away too much information.

You don't need to be rude or evasive with people, just control your calls. Some managers and sales professionals think you should be "helpful" because that's good customer service, but these people aren't your customers...yet! To put you in control and be helpful enough to get the sale, consider the following.

    * You Ask The Questions - When a prospect calls in asking for "X information" ask about why they are looking for that information. Is this their first purchase? Have they have bough "X" before? Don't let them ask about price or availability until you find out what level of buyer they really are.
    * Missing Information - Giving away too much information will result in you hearing the dial tone. Pique the interest of the prospect and let them know they are missing out on even MORE information by not coming in to your store or setting an appointment. Let them know there are other products/services to compare and that you can be their guide.

When you transform your sales scripts into powerful questions you will be on your way to generating more sales. By leaving out key pieces of information your prospects will see that you are the expert and feel compelled to take the next step in the sales cycle.

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