25 Infographics That Show the Truth about Being a Homeowner

If  you’re planning to become a homeowner, take a look through these homeowner infographics to decide if it is the right path for you!..


1. Home Maintenance for Homeowners: Home maintenance is crucial for homeowners to maintain as they live in their home.

2. The True Cost of Homeownership: If you’ve ever wondered how much it actually costs to own a home, this homeowner infographic goes over the actual costs.

3. 7 Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know about Homeowner’s Insurance: This homeowner infographic goes over homeowner’s insurance. If you’re going to buy a home, you’re going to learn lots about the benefits of having homeowner’s insurance as well as the costs.

4. The Most Common Regrets of the First-Time Homebuyer: This is specifically a first-time homebuyer infographic about the regrets that can come with buying a home without preparing oneself for what may happen after the move in.

5. The Hidden Costs of Homeownership: Most people do not know the hidden costs of taxes and expenses that come with buying a home. This homeowner infographic goes over the hidden costs.

6. First-Time Homebuyer Pitfalls: There are many things that first-time homebuyers need to look out for. This homebuyer infographic goes over the many pitfalls that can arise.

7. How Much Homeowner’s Insurance Do I Really Need to Save: Being a homeowner means having to shop around for homeowner’s insurance. But how much homeowner’s insurance they actually need to purchase is another question.

8. The Benefits of Home Ownership: This homeowner infographic is about the benefits that come with being a homeowner, which helps you understand why people want to become homeowners in the first place.

9. High-Risk Mortgage Options: Taking out a second mortgage or reverse mortgage options arise when homeowners begin to fall behind on paying their mortgage. This is one complication that homeowners do not want to deal with but often think about.

10. Household Pests: Homeowners never want to deal with household pests, but they may have to deal with such pesky critters if they come into their home unwarranted.

11. Lock the Door on Theft: Homeowners have to think about theft that may arise from owning a beautiful home that attracts thieves, which is a definite negative of being a homeowner.

12. 20 Ways to Add Curb Appeal: Homeowners buy a home expecting it to be perfect, but they forget that they have to manage curb appeal to keep up the value of their home.

13. Types of Mortgages: Homeowners have to consider the pros and cons of different kinds of mortgages that they need if they want to make payments on their home over time.

14. The Benefits of a Well Insulated Home: Homeowners need to add insulation to their home if they want to manage the costs of heating and cooling their home.

15. Home Insurance Do’s and Don’ts: Home insurance is a major topic when becoming a homeowner, and homeowners need to understand what to do and what not to do when buying the right home insurance so they don’t end up overpaying or being underprepared if disaster strikes.

16. Secrets of a Happy House: Homeowners do, however, get to enjoy the secrets to having a happy house, so homeownership isn’t all just chores and payments to make every month.

17. A Homeowner Needs to Know About Termites: Termites love wood. Homes are made of wood. Homeowners have to be aware that their homes may end up getting termites at one time or another.

18. How to Clean Your Oven: Homeowners have to understand how to clean their home appliances, especially for safety reasons, which can be annoying and even dangerous in some regards.

19. The Proper Garbage Disposal Care: Homeowners also have to know what they can and cannot put in their garbage disposals, which can lead to unexpected costs in repairs if they aren’t careful.

20. How to Repair a Leaky Roof: A leaky roof is an annoyance that homeowners have to deal with often during rainy seasons.

21. The Importance of Cleaning Your Chimney: Homeowners even have to worry about cleaning their chimneys!

22. Homeowners Biggest Fears: Homeowners have fears that may arise in their homes: like fires, drain damage, and even a zombie apocalypse.

23. The Value of a Home Maintenance Schedule: Homeowners need to be aware of the value that a home maintenance schedule brings to their home.

24. Buyer’s Remorse: Many homeowners have buyer’s remorse for one reason or another over time.

25. The Total Cost of Home Repairs: Homeowners have to worry about the total cost of home repairs in their homes.


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