Canuck Fever at Overseas Sports Bars

I'll start off right away by admitting that my blog post today has absolutely nothing to do with real estate. 

We are in the middle of playoff season for the NHL and Hockey Fever has gripped most Canadians from coast to coast and also around the world for those who work overseas.

I found this article written by Jeff Paterson of the Georgia Straight (a local weekly alternative newspaper in Vancouver) about how Overseas Sports Bars celebrate the playoff season by giving away free beer during games!  It is fantastically written and describes really well what it means to be Canadian.

Trevor Metz, the owner of Grinders Sports Bar in Beijing China, is originally from Langley, BC, and he stays true to his Canadian roots by playing all Vancouver Canucks games in his establishment.  Whenever the Nucks score he gives away free pints of Stella.  Needless to say his bar gets pretty busy around game time!

I love stories like this as I'm sure the Expats living in Beijing appreciate the 3 hours they get to reconnect to their Canuck roots & with fellow Hockey lovers living abroad.  Next time I'm in Beijing I know I'll be visiting Grinders Sports Bar for a cold one.  Cheers to you Trevor Metz!

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Canuck Fever at OverSeas Sports Bars

Do you know of any other Canadian Sports Bars Overseas?  I would love to hear about them...  Send me an email describing your expat experience or story & maybe I'll post it in my next blog!

I hope to hear from you soon!

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