10 Tips to Selling Your House with a Pet - And Still Getting Top Dollar

Not everyone loves our furry friends as much as we do – pets often represent unseen damage, masked odors, and more unwanted critters and germs. Much like a smokers house, several studies have shown home owners with pets will receive less money for their house or miss out on buyers all together for having a pet in the house. But, before you drop Fido off at the animal shelter there are a few things you can do to help potential buyers focus on all the good your house has to offer instead.

Let’s work from the outside in…

1. Poop and Scoop – please! I know its easier to open up the back door and let Charlie do his business in the backyard – and with month after month of frigid weather this winter, no one can blame you – but now that the snow is melting (kind of) get on your boots and get rid of all the evidence! And for goodness sakes get rid of the littler box and pee pads that are out in the open when a buyer is coming.

2. While you are outside make sure you pick up toys, chains, dog runs, and if you have a digger for a dog patch up the evidence.

3. If you have a “Yorkshire Terrier Security” sticker on your front door or a “Save my pets in an emergency” take it off (temporarily).

4. While we might snuggle up with our four legged pals in our beds, believe it or not – they stink! To avoid the first sniff when they open the door to be that of our smelly family members (not your teenage son), make sure you vacuum everyday, spray furniture and carpets with a pet odour eliminating sprays and perhaps a non-offensive room freshener.

5. Clean clean clean. You should always clean before you list your house – but put a little extra elbow grease into it to get rid of all the animal odors and stains.

6. Store away everything pet-esque. Food, bowls, beds, toys, “I Love My Husky” sign etc.

7.Carpets can harvest odours – and when they are covered with stains people won’t even want to take off their shoes. Rent a good carpet cleaner and buy special formulated pet solution to take stains out of the carpets and furniture. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is a great alternative – there are always advertised deals that make it affordable and free up time for you to work on other chores to sell your house for top dollars.

8. Cats are infamous for using the house as their scratching post. Furniture should be repaired, covered or removed. Damaged walls and doors should be repainted. Hardwood floors can be sanded down and re-stained. Carpet tears repaired. You may want to hire a professional for all of these. If repairs aren’t feasible replace them all together – you will get your money back.

9. I’ve shown countless amounts of houses with friendly dogs and cats and locked up bunnies in the basement – and its been ok. But I’ve also had a cat attack my clients on the way up the stairs… we didn’t see upstairs, and growling dogs in the laundry room distracting us the entire showing. So, if there is somewhere that Max and Molly can go during showings that would be ideal – take them with you or ask a relative to take them for the first week the house is on the market when the majority of showings will happen.

10. Ok, reptiles and big insects are just plain scary, bring them over to a friend (who would have to really like you to take it in) house.

Selling a house can be stressful for you – but also for your pets so make sure you work in some extra love and attention and use the extra money you get for the house now that you’ve done the work to buy them a treat!!

For more tips and tricks to sell your house for top dollars contact me at Courtney.carroll@century21.ca.

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