If Your House Isn't Selling Then Listen Up...

By Craig Comeau, Century 21 Assurance, Kelowna BC

There are many reasons that houses don't sell in Kelowna, British Columbia but most of them sellers can do something about it. A survey of 1000 Real Estate Professionals revealed the top 10 reasons that houses sit on the market not selling and those reasons that make homes harder to sell and potentially selling for less than what was possible.

See what your home is worthThe Number One reason is that the price is too high. Markets change and what your home may have been worth 5 or 6 years ago is not what it is worth today. Value is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay and I can tell you today's buyers are savvy and do their research. They do not want to pay too much. Even if they wanted to overpay for your home, a vast majority of buyers require bank financing. One of the conditions to financing from your lender will be a fair value market appraisal to protect their future investment. If the professional home appraisal comes in lower than the previously accepted price, your home sale isn't going through simple as that. An experienced, full-time real estate agent in Kelowna can evaluate your home and tell you what its list price range should be along with an estimated sale price.

Condition is another big reason homes in and around the Kelowna area do not sell. Buyers have many choices of homes in all price ranges and they will pick the best ones to see and buy the one that presents the best value to them. Photos tell a lot and buyers are driving by to check out the neighborhood and the exterior of the home before ever requesting an interior showing. You may be losing them before they ever enter your door. It helps to have an agent that has construction knowledge and connections within the local trades to help get your home ready for sale by doing the right things at reasonable prices.

If Your House Isn't Selling Then Listen Up...Yes there are many other reasons that your home may not be selling.  See the list below. You may not have picked the right agent to get you on the path to being sold. Do not choose your real estate agent simply because they gave you the highest list price for your home. They should be able to show you recent comparable sales not only in your neighborhood but other areas of town that a typical buyer would consider. The right Kelowna area agent will tell you what pitfalls to avoid when selling your home which could save you considerable time and money. The goal is to get it sold fast and at the best price with the least amount of hassle.

If you're thinking about selling your home in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland & Lake Country BC and would like to meet and discuss how I can help sell your home for 1.5% higher than the average agent in the Valley feel free to call me direct 250.212.4089 or email: kelownahomeinfo@gmail.com


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