Old St. Joseph's Hospital Sold

Tell me this isn't so! Where are the business advisors to, and on, the Peterborough Regional Health Centre board? How can a huge, two-building complex situated on 4.7 acres be sold for $325,000 when a small house on the river side of Engleburn Ave. is listed at $626,000?

Is there a joke being played? Has someone forgotten to add the number "1" in front of the $325,000? How can a site listed at $2.2 million now sell for $325,000! Just who is kidding whom, or is there a sweetheart deal in the offing?

Reports have it that this huge building has not sold as listed for a year so the offer of this mind boggling lower amount is to be accepted. Is the PRHC board unaware that there are houses in the city that have been listed much longer and remain unsold but the prices of such have not been significantly lowered?

Information from PRHC spokesman Jonathan Bennett indicates that the cost of utilities etc. is extremely high for a vacant building. That could be true, but that vacant building could have been used, with the appropriate staff, by the many seniors and other patients waiting for long-term care beds who presently are using but don't need acute care beds. This vacant building could have been utilized by many homeless people with the cafeteria serving prepared meals rather than the local churches trying to fill that need. Was that vacant building ever considered for small apartments?

Give your head a shake and wonder where oh where are the problem solvers, the innovative folks that look outside the box to solve some of the social ills our city seems to be full of. No, I don't mean another "let's listen to the poor" committee. We need some decision makers who will hang onto a property that could be the answer to these concerns and not sell it for the equivalent of the biblical "mess of potage!"

Carol Koeslag is an Ashburnham resident who cares deeply about what happens, or doesn't happen, to buildings in Peterborough.

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SOURCE: CAROL KOESLAG, Peterborough Examiner Staff


The St. Joseph's hospital site has been sold for $325,000, the Peterborough Regional Health Centre announced this afternoon to Toronto-based TVM group.

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