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The Township of Seguin is the most southerly municipality in the District of Parry Sound and encompasses over 700 square kilometers. It was formed in 1998 through the amalgamation of the former Townships of Christie, Foley, Humphrey and the Village of Rosseau. At that time, the western part of the Township of Monteith was annexed to Seguin.  It is a thriving municipality that is home to over 4300 permanent residents and swells to over 15000 residents during the summer months. 

The Township has adopted a predominantly environmental focus and its’ motto is “The Natural Place to Be”.  The community preserves its’ unique natural heritage features such as lake quality and shoreline character based on the “environment first” principle.

The municipality includes the communities of Black Road, Brignall, Dockmure, Dock Siding, Falding, Gordon Bay, Haines Lake, Hamer Bay, Hayes Corners, Holmur, Horseshoe Lake, Humphrey, Lake Joseph, Orrville, Otter Lake, Port Cockburn, Rose Point, Rosseau, Rosseau Road, Seguin Falls, South Parry, Stanley House, Swords and Turtle Lake.  Seguin is home to some of the largest and most popular lakes in the District including Horseshoe, Otter, Rankin, Whitefish, Little Whitefish, Clear and parts of Lake Joseph and Rosseau.

All of these communities are home to community centres, parks, trail, lakes and beaches and offer many recreational opportunities. There are many programs and community events in place for all ages.

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