Do I have to call the Realtor on the sign?

It can be confusing to a Buyer on exactly how buying real estate works! The beauty of the MLS is that any Realtor can sell you any property regardless of who has the listing. A buyer does not need to call every Realtor on every sign or MLS listing. Pick a Realtor who is familiar with the area and who you feel comfortable working with. That Realtor can then help you find exactly what it is you are looking for. I recently had a buyer tell me that she had called every Realtor on every sign. When I asked her why she said she didn't want to waste anybody's time. I explained that she could work with just one Realtor who could then help her out based on her criteria, thus saving her time as well as the Realtors she was calling. I sometimes think we don't do enough to explain to Buyers that working with one Realtor is also very beneficial to them. The Realtor gets to know the Buyers needs, lifestyle & budget & explain the process, making buying a home or property less stressful in the end!

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