From The Farm To Your Fork

Here in the Okangan we have an abundance of fresh fruits, delectable produce and prime choices of meats. Our agriculture and farming businesses have grown, and it seems the fad of fast food is slowly turning into a dead end. The support of local businesses is cruicial to our economy, but it doesnt stop there.

"We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are." — Adelle Davis

This quote of course applies to the better nutrition of locally grown food, picked at it's peak of ripeness. Studies show fresh food that was harvested 3-5 days prior has already lost up to 50% of its nutrition! As mentioned here:

So buying locally helps you eat these fresh ingredients in their prime, an addition, the quote also inspires the concept of thinking globally and acting locally, as in regards to our carbon footprint, and direct community involvement. 

When we buy locally grown, organic foods from places such as our local Vernon Farmers Market or Restaurants like Friesens Countrytyme Gardens, we are supporting not only them financially but all of us environmentally. 

You see, not only where food is bought makes a difference, but also how it was produced. Here is an interesting tidbit from a website that is enjoyable to visit -

"For example, one study showed that lamb raised in New Zealand and shipped 18,000 kilometers to the UK still produced less than one quarter of the greenhouse gases than local British lamb. Why? Because local flocks were fed grains, which take a lot of energy to grow, while the New Zealand flocks were grazed on grass. Shipping the lamb to the UK was responsible for only 5% of the overall greenhouse gases, whereas 80% of the emissions were from farm activities." ---

This green topic has only been touched, and there is far more to it which is worth the research. Our next blog will be about small changes, making big differences. If you have anything to add, we would love to hear your thoughts so please add me as a friend on Facebook at and join the conversation! 

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