The Annual Christmas Tree Hunt is On Again!

Well, it's that time of year again when Vernon residents venture out in to the forest to pick a Christmas tree!

It's very easy, (well debatable on which vehicle you are driving!) free and the permit is downloadable from the internet!

Remember to take rope or bungi cords to tie your tree onto your car if you don't drive a pick-up, a pruning saw(preferable over and axe, and a heck of a lot easier!),

Dress warmly and take your cell phone in case you need it! We always head up towards Lumby, you can turn turn right onto King Eddy Road just past the Coldstream Ranch on Highway 6 or continue up through Lavington and turn left onto Noble Canyon Road. Either place has an abundance of fir trees to choose from. You can take up to three trees per family with your permit. To get your permit just visit this website or you can jsut click on the link below. read the instructions, print off a copy and complete the permit, then carry it with you in your vehicle when you go out to get the tree.

Most importantly, tell someone where you are going and what you are doing just in case of any unforseen circumstances!


It's a great time out with family or friends and the satisfying feeling when you get it home and up in your place is amazing! Give your tree plenty of water throughout the holidays to keep it fresh looking!

TA Da! now all we have to do is get shopping, wrapping, baking ......................don't you just love Christmas?

Hope you have a great time getting your tree!

Merry Christmas!


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