Who is working for you?

Can someone shed any light on why buyers these days only want to deal with the listing realtor? Anyone - email me at dagmar@interhop.net.

Is it because you think you won't pay commission then? The seller pays the commission - not the buyer. Is it because you think you can get all your answers faster? We have to work very hard these days to make a living, and that means good realtors go to pre-view  listings for their buyers. When I do that I get the survey, septic use permit, all pertinent documents. if you call the listing realtor and don't know enough to ask for the septic use permit and the listing realtor hasn't applied for a copy of the Septic Use Permit from the Health Dept ($45 cost), then how do you know about the age and size of the septic?

Find a realtor that you trust and work with them! Good realtors will ensure that they show you more than just their listings. They will get all the paperwork on the systems, and they will explain things to you. If you only deal with the listing realtor you are selling yourself short!!

Dagmar Boettcher

Dagmar Boettcher

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