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Sherwood Park, AB is a hamlet located just east of Edmonton, Alberta. Located in Strathcona County, this is a community that has a population that sits around 66,000. This is an area that was originally created as a satellite town of Edmonton. It was created specifically for workers that frequented the local industries in the Edmonton area. Originally named Campbelltown, this area had some of the first model homes in the area. Later named Sherwood Park because of some of the other more common names in the area, people have gravitated towards this area because of the beauty and diversity it provides. For those looking for real estate opportunities whether for family or business, Sherwood Park may provide some interesting options.

* Economy

This is one of the fastest-growing areas in the entire Edmonton region. You will quickly discover that the economy has over $9 billion invested in projects that are either under construction, announced, or completed. This equates to jobs for those planning to relocate to this area weather in commercial, industrial, or basic commerce. One of the major opportunities in the area is one of the largest industrial facilities the Strathcona Refinery. This company provides excellent opportunities for those that understand the industry as well as workers that can apply their skills to a variety of different areas.

* Real Estate

With a growing economy comes the opportunity for investment. Whether you're buying a private home or you're looking for investment properties, Sherwood Park, AB will provide all that is needed in any one of these areas. Whether you're looking for condominiums, expensive homes, private homes, multifamily homes, investment businesses or properties, there are a wide variety of options available in this beautiful area. As with any growing area, opportunities will become abundant; however, these opportunities will not last long.

* Education

As with any area that has a growing economy, they will also need to have school systems that can accommodate all of the growing needs. Sherwood Park, AB provides opportunities for educational needs when it comes to younger students or older students. The school system is tied in with the Elk island public school system which will allow children K-12 to participate in a well thought out educational program for the entire area.

For those that love outdoor activities, you'll be happy to know that there are several different parks located within the area. Sherwood Heights Park is located just off of Highway 630 and provides outdoor activities in the form of playgrounds, picnic areas, and tennis courts. For those that like outdoor water fun, the Eastgate Lake Park will provide hiking, running, jogging, and activities near a large lake. For those that like to play golf, you'll be happy to know that Broadmoor Public golf course will provide additional fun when it comes to 18 holes of golf.

So, if you've been planning to move outside of the city to a smaller hamlet or community, you will discover that Sherwood Park, AB will have more than is needed to provide comfort and all the amenities you are used to when it comes to big cities.

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