Is A Home Buying Seminar Beneficial?

Hot off the heels from finishing a successful ‘First Time Condo Buyers Seminar’ at Domvista Condominiums in the Parks of West Bedford, Nova Scotia I received an email asking me to tell them “Is a home buying seminar worthwhile attending or just a waste of time?” The timing was perfect for me to answer their question as I’m finishing follow up from this most recent event and already have another home buying event underway.

Real estate may very well be the most expensive purchase an individual makes in their lifetime. Some buyers rely upon their own experience and expertise while others hire a real estate agent and expect their representative to protect their interest. Regardless of which process you take the best consumer protection you can have it to be an informed buyer in the process.

Being an informed buyer doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert in all aspects of the buying process, however, it does mean you know the right questions to ask and have access to the professionals who can answer your questions.

A home buying seminar can be one of the most valuable resources you have as part of your buying process. Generally they are put on by a real estate brokerage and their agents or by a financial institution. In an informal atmosphere you may have a list of presenters that will provide you with an overview of how they can play a part in your buying process and then there often is a Q&A afterwards so you can ask all the questions you have always wanted to have answered but were afraid to ask.

For example, my most recent ‘First Time Condo Buyers Seminar’ was targeted to buyers who were considering purchasing a condominium. Since the audience included buyers that had similar interest and questions often one person would ask a question that someone else might have been thinking of and the presenters geared their presentation to the audience.

In my presentation I included a lawyer to talk about the legal aspects of the buying and closing process, a mortgage specialist to talk about the cost of borrowing and current rates, a home stager to discuss downsizing and choosing furniture that works for a new condo, a home inspector to go over the rationale as to why you should have a condo inspected and of course myself as the condo real estate specialist.

The seminars generally are given over an hour or 90 minutes and there is always a lot of interaction between the guest speakers and those attending. This is a great opportunity for buyers to have all of these valuable resources in one room at one time – and they are providing their services at no charge as part of the seminar.

I’ve worked with buyers who spend hours choosing a new sofa or desk for their new condominium but haven’t spent any time considering the actual buying process.

Is a home buying seminar beneficial? I think they are a great resource for any savvy buyer who wants to be informed about the process and reach the resources that can assist and guide you through your purchase.

I’ve hosted seminars for first time condo buyers, first time home buyers, investment  & income buyers seminars, empty nester seminars and even one for buyers who are looking to purchase for renovating and flipping. My experience at each event is that the presenters have a great depth of knowledge in their field of expertise and they are willing to share it and answer your questions and the participants leave feeling better informed.

If buying real estate is in your future and you would like to attend a home buying seminar please email me at and I’ll send you along an invite to any forthcoming seminars – they are always a great FREE resource and an educated buyer is a confident buyer.

Cheers, Dale

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