Should Sellers Provide a Home Pre-Inspection Report

Active Buyers in the market have many things to think about as part of their home search and the offer process. Once the Buyer falls in love with a home or condo the last thing they want to encounter are issues at the time of home inspection. The process of having your home pre-inspected as part of your listing may be your selling advantage.

As the old adage goes you only get one change to make a first impression and you want to ensure that you pull out all the stops. The process to get your home or condo to the market could take a few days or possibly even a couple weeks depending on condition of home, requirement for staging, professional photography and even the services of a home inspector to provide a home pre-inspection report.

The process of having a home pre-inspected is one step most listing agents do not even cover off. This is likely due to bringing up the cost of the report, deciding who will pay for the report and even the fact it could uncover some issues which need to be dealt with right away which could delay the listing process.

For homes that I list and we conduct a pre-inspection of the home as part of my listing package I provide a copy of the report to buyers and agents who preview the home. This can be a beneficial tool when a buyer has a short list of properties and they can use the pre-inspection report as a guideline as to the condition of the property whereas another home on their short list without a pre-inspection they may not be aware of pending issues until after they have an accepted offer and are conducting the home inspection as part of their due diligence.

As a listing agent, my priority is to showcase my listing to all buyers in its best light and assist the buyer in pairing down their wish list to include my clients listing. A key part of this process can include the pre-inspection report to ensure you keep them focused on my client’s property and keep their interest peaked.

Buyers may see a pre-inspected home as a property marketed where the seller is willing to provide further documentation in addition to a Property Condition Disclosure Agreement to satisfy a buyers need for additional information on a property.

Why is the process of having a home pre-inspection report not common practice these days may be determined by two main reasons:

1. Cost ~ agents who discount their fee structure may not want to pay for the home pre-inspection. However, the fact is that if the home pre-inspection assists you in getting an offer quicker on your home then it is well worth the cost to the agent.

2) Results ~ often times both the seller and the agent do not want to have a home pre-inspection completed as they may not want to know what the results are of the report. Consider that there may be an unknown issue to the seller that is brought up that may need to be dealt with and now disclosed on the Property Condition Disclosure Agreement. By not conducting a home pre-inspection report the seller and agent can also use this as a negotiating tool after an offer comes in. The buyer offers a price based on perceived condition and then after the home inspection is competed and issues arise the seller plays hard ball and won’t fix or repair or compensate on sale price for these unknown items.

A home pre-inspection is truly a great investment by a seller and a listing agent. It generally identifies small issues that may be unknown to the seller and can easily be fixed prior to or during the listing. Items that are identified that are more significant like oil tank replacement or crack in foundations are then things that could be dealt with to ensure the listing is competitive.

In slower real estate markets where listings take longer to sell a home pre-inspection is just another advantage to getting your home considered by a buyer. Wouldn’t you want to work with a real estate agent that wants to showcase your home in its best possible light, and provide every advantage to making your home competitive.

If you are thinking of listing your home for sale take serious consideration to having your home pre-inspected. I would be happy to discuss the process and how it can provide you home a distinct advantage.

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