Browns and Oranges and Yellows, Oh My! Selling in the fall

Browns and Oranges and Yellows, Oh My!

As you arrange for your fall home face-lift, trimming plants down in preparation for the cooler weather will give you a head start on keeping the look of your home focused on warm-colored décor. Unlike spring time and summer, in fall plants tend to lose their vibrant greens and bright-colored flowers. During the fall season, it is important to prune back dried plants and bushes so that they will be ready to bloom next year. Embracing the new and warmer seasonal color scheme with these beautiful fall plants. Mums are always a favorite, but there are many others that also look great in autumn. 

Fall Curb Appeal Tips

Tools of Trade

The hot summer days and warm rain may have left some debris around your house to clear up. A good place to start is purchasing a straw broom. This broom will double as fall décor and a tool to grab when leaves and dirt start to collect on the porch. Having the broom on the porch will be an easy way to keep the entrance clear of fall debris. Be sure to also keep a rake on hand in your garage or storage shed. It's important to rake up fallen leaves to keep your yard looking tidy, and also to keep grass healthy. Speaking of grass, fall is a great time to apply fertilizer, rid of weeds, and re-seed bare spots in your yard to ensure a beautiful lawn in the spring. 

Pre-Season Purchases

Now is the time to get discounted fall décor. Craft stores put out seasonal items a couple of months before prime time. With this knowledge, you may be able to find great deals on fall décor. (Also consider shopping for these items each year after the season—sales are even better when the stores are trying to clear their shelves.) Just remember the age-old rule: less is more. Be selective in your fall décor and choose a few items you love that will make a big impact rather than lots of items that will clutter up your yard and entranceway. 

Fall Curb Appeal Tips

Pro tip: If you are improving your curb appeal to sell your home, skip the Halloween decorations and stick with autumn décor only. 

Nature’s Décor

If you are wanting to craft your way into fall, your own backyard is a good place to start. Pinecones can be collected and arranged into a wreath. Another easy way to add fall curb appeal to your home is to purchase pumpkins. These seasonal favorites can be used in a multitude of ways. Most people only buy pumpkins to carve them into jack O’ Lanterns on Halloween; however, they look great un-carved sitting on the porch. Or you can get creative by painting them and staging them on your porch. We love this idea to place your house numbers onto pumpkins. So charming! 

Local Love

When you are searching for a hay bale or pumpkins to add to your fall-inspired look, try your local farmer’s markets and orchards. Seasonal harvest is a go-to curb appeal trick and is usually available for fair prices within your community. Not only will you get ripe, colorful décor, you and your family can make a day out at the pumpkin patch or orchard. 

Any size or shape of home can be turned into an Autumnal paradise. Fall is one of the most cost-efficient seasons to decorate for as the harvest usually speaks for itself. As the weather cools down and the colors change, we wish you a Happy Harvest. What are some of your go-to fall curb appeal tricks? 

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