Five kitchen updates you need to know before selling your home

Five kitchen updates you need to know before selling your home

Five kitchen updates you need to know before selling your home

Follow these 5 suggestions to make your kitchen look awesome

Kitchen is one of the most important areas in any buyers mind, so if you are thinking in selling your house, it will be a great idea to put some extra money in making some updates.

Below are five essential renovations to do if you are planning a kitchen face lift and in return you will get a higher selling price

Clear all things from the counter, and make sure there are no cracks, grout problems or any other issues to determine if it is in good shape.
If the counter will require to be repaired, the best alternative that buyers love is granite. Yes, these will be an extra expense, but according to Zillow report, granite will help to sell the house sooner at 4% more. We use the Santa Cecilia light granite, it is a neutral color and it looks great.

granite in counters
Updating the kitchen floor won’t add as much value as other renovations in the kitchen, but a bad looking flooring can deter potential buyers.
When we renovate our houses we use laminated flooring or hardwood flooring, depends of the price point of the house. This can be easily installed and will add a new life to the kitchen.

laminate flooring
This can add a new finishing to the kitchen and it can be visually appealing to buyers. Make sure it will coordinate with the kitchen theme. I prefer to use stone for the houses we remodeled and we keep a neutral color, like beige. According to Zillow report, on average a house with backsplash sells 46 days sooner than houses without it and homes sells for 4% more.

Stone Title backsplash
These are another major components of every kitchen. A quick and easy fix is to add a fresh coat of paint and update the hardware for something modern.
If cabinets need to be replace, I suggest to use “shaker cabinets” as those add a more modern style, and buyers love it. We have try many different cabinet styles in our renovations, but this one is the most appealing we have found. Also a great tip, make sure the cabinets will go all the way to the ceiling, it will add  more appealing to your kitchen.

Shaker Style Cabinets
Make sure your appliances are in good shape, with no missing buttons, or stains. Make sure the appliances are modern and in good shape. In many cases I get calls from people looking to sell me their homes at a retail value, but when I walk in their kitchen seems that I am back in the 1950s. I recommend to use stainless steel appliances, we use them in all our renovations and buyers love it. If you cannot afforded use a modern white or back color.

Making minor changes, can help you sell for a higher price. Another great tip is to focus on home improvements that pay off, and can provide a higher return.


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