How to Sell Your Home Fast - for More or Both

How to Sell Your Home Fast - for More or Both

The Kingston Market seems to be going though a slower period, and now more then ever homes need to be best prepared to ensure a fast sale and a good purchase price. I am not going to get into market conditions in this article mostly just tips to get a good deal in the least amount of time.

How to Sell a Home Fast - What Owners Can Do

Some things are just a given when it comes to how to sell a home fast. First, de-clutter, clean and remove the bulk of items and personal belongings if at all possible. That doesn't mean show the home empty. It's a solid fact that properly staged homes sell faster and typically for more than empty homes we are trying to build a life style with this so potential buyers can see a image of how there life will be in this home. There are a lot of things you can do yourself to create the welcoming settings that appeal the most to buyers.

Of course, there is the matter of pricing a home correctly. Selling a home fast doesn't necessarily mean selling it for less than fair market value. Sellers should consider however, overpricing the home with no plausible justification will backfire and you'll end up selling for less than you would have had you priced it correctly to begin with.

Realtors will conduct CMA"s or comparative market analysis to give you a solid idea of a low, median and highest price range. Lower of course (but still a fair price) will sell faster. Realtors are professionals and understand how to price homes for the current market however if you would like to listen to your neighbors and friends on how to price your home then be my guest just don't blame your realtor if no offers come in. Then after maybe your buddies can give you some great legal or medical advise.

Should you overprice your home, two things will happen: First, all the buyers looking in your area will overlook your home because they are searching in a reasonable price range for the neighborhood. Second, you'll fire your agent, find another who will talk some sense into you and list it at fair market value, but you'll in all likelihood never sell it for as much as you could have the second time around.

  1. Clean and de-clutter
  2. ​Price it properly
  3. Fix any minor issues
  4. Clean up the yard and keep the home in good maintenance
  5. Make sure you are getting feedback from your realtor and address on going concerns

It really is that simple and the best way to get your home sold fast there is no trick bake all the cookies you want put on any music you like for showings although that  is all very nice i have never had a buyer say "i love this house, the cookie smell and the music is what really sold it" 

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