Is a Tiny House Right For You?

Tiny Houses have been the talk of the town in recent years. From manageability to environmental friendliness, the benefits of owning a tiny house are numerous. But is owning a small home for you?


20somethingfinance detailed seven benefits of downsizing to a tiny home in their 2016 article. Their seven reasons included saving money, freedom from debt, freedom from stuff, freedom of mobility, more free time, the “celebrity” factor of having a tiny home and the fact that tiny homes are usually better quality homes.

Tinyhousetalk noted in their article that people who buy tiny homes have less upkeep, cheaper heating and cooling bills, economy of size with no inefficiency and the benefit of downsizing the owner’s lifestyle along with their home expenses.

These reasons make tiny homes perfect for a wide range of people. Minimalists will love the anti-clutter environment that accompanies a home with limited space. The environmentally conscious will be aware of the reduction in energy use they are contributing. Those looking to save money will rejoice in the lower utility cost and lower design cost that comes with furnishing their home.

So, what’s the catch?


While there are many benefits that accompany owning a tiny home, there are some minor snags that might prevent owners from following through. The most obvious disadvantage being personal preference in regards to space. Tiny homes are just that: tiny. The simplicity that is found in these homes mean minimal belongings and furniture for the owners.

The second hiccup that an owner will face is land availability. The Washington Post highlighted the problem of limited space in their lifestyle article. Their article basically said that if you don't already own land finding a place for your new tiny home is going to be a challenge this can also be true in Ontario due to some of our zoning restrictions.

At the end of the day the decision to buy a tiny house comes with these benefits and drawbacks plus many more not listed. However, whether you are a tiny home aficionado or prefer the traditional sized home, one thing is certain: The tiny house craze has made a not-so-tiny impact on home buying culture.

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