Sell Any Time of The Year – Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer

Sell Any Time of The Year – Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer

It is possible to sell a home in any season – winter, spring, summer, and fall. Although some will argue that there are better seasons to sell in than others, the fact is that if you understand your market and the way seasons affect that market, you can find a buyer for your house. You just have to adopt the appropriate selling strategy for your circumstances.

The following tips are here to help you take advantage of the specific season you are selling in. By utilizing these tips, you can increase your odds of making a successful sale in any season whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter.

Whatever time you decide to sell your home you can use these home selling tips for all seasons!

Fall Home Selling Tips

How to sell a home in the Fall:

Fall is the other season that has always been popular for selling a home. The cooler weather makes going outside more enjoyable than in the summer, and a lot of homes will go on the market once sellers get back from their own vacations. You will have more competition in the fall, but you will also have more buyers looking for homes.

See some of the best Fall home selling tips including:

Keep the yard clean.

The leaves are going to be falling and certain plants are going to start dying off as the first cold weather hits. You may have to rake multiple times in a week to keep up with the leaves. While it is OK to have some leaves in the yard – it does make it look seasonal, after all – you don’t want piles of them everywhere and accumulation on your walkways and in your doorways.

Get into the season.

Fall gives you easy decorating ideas to make the home feel more inviting. Halloween and Thanksgiving both offer opportunities for decorations, color palettes, refreshments, treats and lighting design. Even a little touch here or there to remind buyers of the holidays can help sell your home.

Keeping your decorations in tune with the holiday that is coming up is a great move. Just like businesses and retail stores, you can make your home festive for your potential buyers. It can be much easier to see themselves and their families enjoying these same holidays in your home.

Bake something.

Fall and winter both are great times to bake some cookies or other treats for buyers seeing the home. Having something to snack on is only half the reason you do this. The other reason is the smell. Baking smells like home.

Winter Home Selling Tips

How to sell a home in the Winter:

It was once considered undesirable to sell a home in winter. With all the holidays and the traveling going on, not to mention the weather, it seemed like winter was probably the least advantageous season you could pick.

But today’s real estate agents understand that there are certain advantages that come from selling in winter, advantages you can make work for your sale.

Buyers in winter are serious, and the season inspires emotions, both of which can actually make it easier to sell your home.

See some of the best home selling tips for winter including these:

Decorate for the seasons.

The holidays are prime decorating time, so set your home up to look like the perfect place to spend them. Warm lighting, a fire in the fireplace, candles, a Christmas tree with presents underneath. You can really work up to something that will draw in buyers and make them imagine being there with their own families.

Keep the exterior safe.

Remove ice and snow regularly to avoid falling hazards. Keep snow off of the roof to prevent ice dams, and clean out the gutters to avoid having them tear off the side of the house when it freezes.

Be flexible about showings.

Buyers may have a busy schedule, so you might get some requests to show the house at odd hours. This is just a part of selling in winter, so try to be flexible. If the buyer is motivated enough to visit at night in the freezing weather, he or she may be motivated enough to buy.

Keep the house warm.

While you may want to save on energy bills, you want buyers to feel comfortable in the home. Keep the thermostat up when you are showing to relax visitors and to avoid any suspicions that something might be wrong with your furnace.

Spring Home Selling Tips

How to sell a home in the Spring:

Spring has always been a popular time to sell homes. The weather is slowly getting warmer and the days are getting longer. People are really feeling like breaking out of their homes and getting out and doing something – like finding the perfect house to buy. Spring is the perfect time to sell your home, so take advantage of all the enthusiasm and get it listed!

Tips for selling in spring include:

Brighten things up.

Your home needs to look clean, bright and welcoming. You want to get rid of the heavy drapes you had over the winter and replace them with lighter curtains that let the sunshine in. You could also paint rooms that are dark to a lighter or neutral color, which will really make the space look bigger.

Clean up the landscaping.

The last of the dead growth leftover from winter needs to be cleaned out to allow the new growth to come in. Rake up any remaining leaves, take out any dead plants, plant some new plants in the empty spaces and throw down a few bags of mulch to bring it all together. Perennial plants work well for the spring home selling season.

Clean and declutter the house.

You probably spent most of your time in your home in the colder months, which can lead to a lot of clutter. Before you list your home you will want to get rid of the clutter and do a thorough house cleaning, because dirty cluttered houses do not sell as well as clean ones.

Fix what needs fixing.

Winter can be hard on a home, particularly the exterior. Before you list the house you will want to look closely at your roof, gutters and siding to make sure nothing is broken or in need of cleaning. Buyers will be examining the exterior closely, so it’s better for you to get to this stuff now than after the buyer tries to negotiate a cheaper price on your home.

Summer Home Selling Tips

How to sell a home in the summer:

Summer is the other season where selling has not always been encouraged. Families are going on vacation, which makes it less likely that they will be looking for a home. However, as with winter, summer has increasingly become a season where motivated sellers take advantage of the lack of competition.

There are still plenty of people who want to find a home, and moving in the summer really is the perfect time if you have kids in school. See some of the best home selling tips for summer including these:

Keep the house cool.

Buyers viewing your home are going to be coming in from a hot exterior and are going to appreciate cooling down inside. Keeping the home nice and cool also demonstrates that your HVAC unit can keep the house comfortable, which is important to buyers.

Serve some refreshments.

If your region has summer favorites for refreshments, be sure to offer them at showings to make the buyer feel welcome. Iced tea, lemonade, and other drinks can make buyers feel at home, which is exactly what you want them to feel as they decide on whether or not to purchase your house.

Keep the yard looking good.

Buyers are going to be imagining barbecues and outdoor parties when they walk through your backyard, so you want to make the space look like it will work for these things. Keep the grass mowed and plant some flowers. If you don’t have outdoor furniture already, you may think of adding an inexpensive table and some chairs out back.

Be willing to show later in the day.

Buyers may request to see the home once the temperature cools down a little, or after other obligations they have which may run late. With so much daylight available, you need to be flexible about when you are willing to let people view the home.

Keep in mind whether you are selling a home in the fall, winter, spring or summer getting the price of your home correct is critical. You can follow all of these home selling tips and it won’t do a thing if you get the price wrong! Never underestimate the importance of choosing the right real estate agent who has a track record of pricing homes correctly from day one.

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